Digital Media Experience

In 2005, Black and White turned their producing and storytelling expertise towards short form content created for online distribution. We co-developed Reel About Pets, a digital studio that would leverage user generated content to create high-quality, brand-friendly videos that engage the online animal-loving community, while providing significant benefits to advertising partners. This project is no longer online, as the financial partners were absorbed by a larger entity. Black and White partnered with Purina to create the Project Pet Slim Down web series, a vital component of Purina Veterinary Diet̢۪s online presence. To create the digital extension of Purina̢۪s broadcast properties, we oversaw the digital distribution and optimization of branded content across multiple digital platforms.
By combining our rich production experience and aptitude for the digital landscape, we are able to:

    • Create short form content that actively engages the online viewer and successfully competes against the endless source of entertainment at the modern audience’s fingertips
    • Create videos that present visitors with an explicit or subtle call-to-action, whether it’s viewing the next video, visiting an allied website, or purchasing a related product
    • Appropriately produce and properly encode video to ensure an end product that streams uninterrupted in the best possible quality, while containing visuals that successfully scale from small mobile screens to large internet-enabled TVs
    • Monitor videos’ online reception and analyze video statistics to optimize content in regards to: theme, total run time, titles/description, meta information, and distribution method
    • Utilize Youtube and external social media platforms to foster an active community of brand ambassadors and create a platform for two-way conversations and engagement between the community and the brand & the community with itself
    • Identify online influencers and create an outreach program to build alliances


Notable Clients

WB AE Animal Planet TO NBC FOX BET

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